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Course Dates:
Wed 11th April 2018

photo-courses Studio,
9 Booker Avenue,
Bradwell Common,
Milton Keynes.
MK13 8AY

10.30 am - 4.30 pm





















Studio Still Life

Duration: 1 Day Practical Training fee: £99 What's included: refreshments, lunch and tutorials Outline: A studio can be used for many things, portraits, still life, product shots and much more. This hands-on day introduces you to the modern studio and allows you to adjust lights, change lighting relectors, decide on backgrounds to give you a firm foundation in studio photography but with a firm emphasis on still life. No prior knowledge is necessary. If you haven't got studio lights, which most of us haven't, we'll show you how to use your flash to create virtually the same high quality lighting. Covers the basic techniques of flash, focusing, reflectors, fill-in, white balance, backgrounds, appropriate surfaces for still life, shadowless lighting, underlighting and background lighting. Contact Details: Address: 9 Booker Avenue, Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes. MK13 8AY Tel: 01908 240460 Fax: 01908 240460 Email:
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