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Sun 11th March 2018
Sun 22nd July 2018

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Introduction to DSLR
Perfect for all models of Canon & Nikon DSLR's

1 Day Event Cost: £99 What's included: 6 hour course including 1 hour lunch break Suitable for beginners and all makes of DSLR Outline: Most if not all DSLR's are complex pieces of kit. The instruction book tries but usually only lists its features rather than help you put them into use. This 6 hour course will bring to life and make meaningful its shooting modes, focusing, exposure and other key features that will help you make the most of your camera. It also teaches you the essentials and fundamentals of digital photography which is so often missing from the instruction manual. This event is the stepping stone for all our other courses. * learn about your camera's buttons, features and functions * master the use of shutter speeds and apertures - the key elements of great photography * discover why light and exposure is so important to your pictures * make the most of your DSLR and improve your photo skills * discover how to shoot better landscapes, portraits & wildlife Contact Details: Address: 9 Booker Avenue, Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes. MK13 8AY Tel: 01908 240460 Fax: 01908 240460 Email:

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