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Course Dates:
Wed 2nd May 2018

Milton Keynes 

10.30 am - 4.30 pm












Out & About
in Milton Keynes

Duration: 1 Day Training fee: £99 What's included: a printed guide to optimum camera settings, tuition, helpful feedback and guidance Outline: This event is perfect for newcomers and the more experienced alike and will help you become much more confident with your camera. Milton Keynes is full of fantastic subjects to photograph, such as the Octo figure above and we will take in as much of its special interest areas as the event allows. You'll be shown how to create dramatic skies, shoot in black and white, master depth-of-field, shoot challenging exposures and learn the skills of composition. Please bring a packed lunch for this event. Contact Details: Address: 9 Booker Avenue, Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes. MK13 8AY Tel: 01908 240460 Fax: 01908 240460 Email:

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