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Sun 10th June 2018
Sun 28th Oct 2018

photo-courses Studio,
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Bradwell Common,
Milton Keynes.
MK13 8AY

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DSLR Practise Day

1 Day Event Cost: £99 What's included: 6 hour course including 1 hour lunch break Outline: This course is a day event with plenty of help and where you will shoot a series of interesting subjects. This will help you to get to know your camera and make the most of its features and settings. Topics include: how to de-focus a background creating motion blurs in Tv and S modes how to shoot a portrait using manual exposure for sunsets and flash improve your composition and interest camera set-up - the perfect default camera and menu settings you need to know It's a fun day where you learn in pairs or more and discover the excitement of photography. Contact Details: Address: 9 Booker Avenue, Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes. MK13 8AY Tel: 01908 240460 Fax: 01908 240460 Email:

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